Illegal Pro-Abortion Mural Removed


Dublin City Council has ordered the removal of an illegal mural with the pro-abortion slogan “Repeal the 8th” on it. The mural, on the wall of the publicly-funded Project Arts Centre in the Temple Bar area of Dublin, was in breach of planning laws.


The mural, commissioned by pro-abortion group The Hunreal Issues, prompted some 50 complaints over the three weeks it was displayed. The centre said it had also received messages of support. Project Arts Centre Artistic Director Cian O’Brien said the centre had had “an astonishing response” to the pro-abortion mural.


“I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the conversation around this important topic,” O’Brien said. “Project Arts Centre is complying with the planning notice and has removed this artwork,” he added. “We look forward to working through official channels with Maser and The HunReal Issues to explore the possibility of re-installing this work as soon as possible.”


Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said in a statement that the right decision had been taken, and described the mural as “highly political”. It had, she said, “everything to do with campaigning and nothing to do with art”. “The claims by some that its removal represents censorship are laughable,” Sherlock said.


“The Project Arts Centre should belong to everyone and not have such a close-minded attitude on what constitutes freedom of expression. In its current make up, there is not the slightest chance that it would have allowed, for example, a mural being placed on its building giving voice to women’s feelings of abortion regret.”

The Journal. July 25.

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