Interview - Forcing Gender Theory on Schools - Alan Hynes, Catholic Education Partnership


Our interview with Alan Hynes - Forcing Gender Theory on Catholic Schools   Minister Foley is expected…

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TDs Voted To Decriminalise Abortion and Abolish The 3 Day Waiting Period


Following the horrific findings of the Abortion review, Dáil Éireann has voted with a majority of 3…

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Heidi Crowter Fights For Babies With Down Syndrome in European Court


Heidi Crowter, a woman with Down syndrome living in the United Kingdom, has filed an appeal with the…

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Doctors successfully perform first-ever brain surgery on preborn baby


Doctors in Boston recently performed an incredible life-saving brain surgery on a preborn child while…

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Minister Donnelly says "totally and utterly unacceptable" that more Hospitals dont kill the unborn


The Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly came out with an outrageous statement this week when he deemed…

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Independent TD Carol Nolan Attacks Proposed Changes To Advance Irish Abortion Law


  The pro-life deputy was speaking in response to Marie O'Shea, head of the 3-Year Abortion Review,…

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‘I’m glad I didn’t end up as an abortion’ - Newsbreak Steve Jobs on how his mom chose life


“I wanted to meet [her] mostly to see if she was OK and to thank her, because I’m glad I didn’t…

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Abortion Numbers Jump by 25% in Ireland


The Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, confirmed that over 8,500 abortions took place in 2022.   This…

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Triplets born "smaller than a bag of sugar" break 2 Guinness World Records


A set of triplets in the UK were born 18 weeks premature. The children, Rubi-Rose, Payton-Jane and Porscha-Mae…

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How Your Will Can Save Babies From Abortion — (Read Our Legacy Of Hope Brochure, below)


How Your Will Can Save Babies From Abortion — (Read Our Legacy Of Hope Brochure, below)   Click…

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