A record number of abortions in Ireland in 2021


A record number of abortions have taken place in 2021 which is estimated to far exceed 7,000. This horrific death toll has been "celebrated" by the 'Abortion rights campaign' according to their website.

Tragically, the estimated abortion numbers for 2021 exceed 7,000. Over 6,700 abortions have been carried out via a GP, whereas the numbers carried out in hospitals and those carried out in the UK are estimated to bring this number above 7,000. It is time that the Government reject the lie promoted during the referendum that this is rare. The Government must do better for mothers and babies than the horror of abortion.

The announcement of the stark abortion numbers comes the same week the HSE commissioned a report regarding the three-year review of Ireland's abortion law. Minister Donnelly's department appointed Dr Catherine Conlon to lead the report. Dr Conlon is not a medical doctor and staunchly campaigned for a yes vote in the abortion referendum with a group calling themselves, Tarts for Life. The bias is evident in the report as it calls into question the three-day waiting period and conscientious objection and more.

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