A Tragic Day for Ireland


The decision of just over two thirds of voters to remove from the Irish Constitution all recognition of the right to life of the unborn is a tragedy for Ireland.


It is an unusual thing for a country to seek to strip an entire class of human beings of all their human rights. That this decision is endorsed by a democratic vote does not legitimise it.


The scale of the Yes victory was unexpected by anyone, on either side, and it raises questions that will be the subject of reflection and debate over the coming days and weeks. What is clear is that the efforts of the pro-life movement to support women facing crisis pregnancy, so they do not feel forced to "choose" abortion, must continue and be redoubled. In addition, our continued opposition to the barbaric abortion legislation planned by the Government must be resolute.


Today, tribute and great thanks are due to the thousands of people who for months gave selflessly of their time, energy, and resources to support the No campaign. They have been part of a noble cause to defend the most vulnerable in our society. We are all deeply proud of them and more grateful than we can say.


Family & Life. May 26.

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