Abortion campaigner Dr. Peter Boylon criticises having Christian iconography in St. Vincent's Hospital


Dr. Peter Boylan has this week been very vocal in his opposition to having Catholic iconography in St. Vincent's Hospital. He worked very hard over the years to have human rights of the unborn child taken away from the Irish constitution, leading the way for very barbaric and violent abortions being legalised.  Now he is focusing attention on attacking the fact that St. Vincent's hospital, founded by the Religious Sisters of Charity, display any level of Christianity.
He listed "mass in the hospital oratory...mass in the hospital chapel... Blessed Sacrament exposed daily... Stations of the Cross...Core Values of Sisters of Charity posted on campus." as things that shouldn't occur in the hospital. 
He should afford more respect to the Sisters and indeed those patients who may seek spiritual nourishment, that Dr. Boylan wishes to remove from them, at a time when some find themselves very ill and others who may be dying.

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