Abortion Clinics May Turn Away Irish Women


One of Britain’s biggest abortion providers has announced that it will begin turning Irish women away from its clinics, blaming overwhelming demand. A spokeswoman for Marie Stopes International warned that it would prioritise women referred by the British National Health Service, although Irish women who had already booked appointments would have their abortions.


The abortion business said it would refer Irish clients to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), the other major abortion provider in Britain. A spokeswoman for the BPAS warned that its services were also under strain.


A Marie Stopes spokeswoman said that the measures were a suspension rather than a permanent ban. “January and February are always the busiest times of year and we are currently managing high demand by referring some women to other providers to ensure they can be seen as soon as possible,” the spokeswoman said. “Our priority is ensuring women obtain the earliest possible appointment and we are working with organisations in Ireland to ensure provision is there for women who go via their networks.”

The Times. February 6.

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