Abortion Numbers Jump by 25% in Ireland


The Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, confirmed that over 8,500 abortions took place in 2022.


This is an increase by over 25% from the previous year. The past number of years, the numbers have been in the 6,500 range.

Other information that has come to light is there has been at least 133 alleged adverse effects reported by women after abortion.


Shockingly, two healthy babies were allegedly aborted due to a misdiagnosis of "foetal abnormality" and the State is being sued as a result. Many of you may remember the High Court case in 2021, where a healthy baby named Christopher was misdiagnosed with trisomy 18 and aborted after consultants advised the parents that abortion was the best course of action.


With skyrocketing numbers, it is important that we fight to keep the 3-day cooling-off period for obtaining abortion as it comes under increasing attack.

The cooling-off period was a promise made to voters in the referendum in 2018. It has helped, at least, 1,500 women choose an alternative to abortion.

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