Abortion Site Repurposed


Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization was in the news lately for a reason besides the Roe anniversary: the building in Jackson, Mississippi, that housed the now-closed abortion business there, says reporter Katherine Hamilton, has a new owner and will become a “high ends” consignment shop. The new owner says of his new shop, “I want it to be a positive thing.” Some pro-life observers seriously believe an exorcist should cleanse the site

Absurd Pro-Abortion Slogan 

Before the Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortion business closed its doors, pro lifers used to pray and picket outside and pro-aborts would counter-picket. In one news photo, a pro-abort’s placard reads, “Why do you care more about hypothetical lives than real ones?” Pro-lifers point out that such shallow thought is all too typical of pro-aborts; does the woman holding the placard think she was “hypothetical” when she resided inside her mum?

Dobbs Leak Probe Update 

When someone at the US Supreme Court last May 2 leaked a draft version of what became Justice Samuel Alito’s Roe-busting majority opinion in Dobbs, that set off weeks of pro abortion violent attacks on pro-life pregnancy help centres and Catholic churches around the USA. The leak also sparked demonstrations outside pro-life justices’ homes and even a failed attempt on the life of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

Chief Justice John Roberts had the court’s marshal, former Army colonel Gail Curley, undertake a probe into the leak, but until December there was no word about any progress in the probe. Then Congressman Scott Fitzgerald (Republican-Wisconsin) told the House Judiciary Committee, “For some reason this individual [the leaker] has certainly been sheltered and there is absolutely evidence that there are specific people who know who this person is.” 

On January 13, the Wall Street Journal reported that the probe has narrowed its list of suspects and that the list includes at least one clerk of the justices. We will keep you updated

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