Animal Sacrifices Target Pro-Life Centre


On May 10th, staffers at the Catholic pro-life JMJ Pregnancy Centre in Orlando, Florida, found the beheaded bodies of a lamb, a chicken and a large bird outside their premises. Suspicion is that the animals were slain in a cultic ritual and left at the centre in an attempt to place a curse on the medical clinic and to intimidate its pro-lifer staff.

JMJ, which has offices in Orlando and Kissimmee, has been saving babies and helping mums for 33 years, providing a full range of services free of charge to a clientele that includes many women from minority and low-income populations, according to pro-life reporter Joe Bukuras. “We are just a medical clinic trying to help moms”, said director Bob Perron.  

Mr Perron said that the very next morning after the attack, Bishop John Noonan of the Diocese of Orlando sent a priest to bless the building. Noting that dozens of pro-abortion attacks on pro-life facilities around the USA are going unsolved, Perron has called on local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to start finding, arresting and charging the perpetrators. 

Pro-life commenters sadly noted that the attack involved the sacrifice of a lamb, especially inasmuch as JMJ Pregnancy Centre’s mission is to save the lives of God’s little lambs, namely unborn human babies—and thinking, of course, of another sacrificial Lamb: Jesus. 

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