Bishop Doran's New Initiative to Help Mothers


Bishop Kevin Doran has announced plans for a new initiative to support mothers, during and after pregnancy, in his diocese of Elphin. He said he hoped that the Christian community in Elphin would “continue to offer practical support and friendship to women for as long as they need it, after their baby is born.”


Announcing his plans on the Feast of the Holy Innocents, shortly after Christmas, Bishop Doran explained why this was an appropriate day to unveil such a plan. “This Feast Day has, for many years and for very obvious reasons, been associated here in Ireland with the challenge of protecting unborn children and their mothers. Herod is long gone, but recent developments suggest that political expediency still sees innocent children as disposable for a whole variety of reasons, or indeed for no reason at all.”


The new project is to be called the Ain Karim Project, after the place where Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth—“the joyful meeting place of two ‘unexpectedly expectant’ mothers and their unborn children.” Bishop Doran said it is not intended to replace the work of Cura in supporting women in crisis pregnancy, but rather to supplement this work.


“My hope would be that, as a caring Christian community we could continue to offer practical support and friendship to women for as long as they need it, after their baby is born. I know, for example, that, when a pregnancy has not been planned, women sometimes worry about how they can continue with their education and care for a child at the same time. When support is available, in the family or in the wider community, women feel stronger. They are empowered to choose life not just for the baby, but for their own sake as well. No mother wants to abort her child, but without support, unfortunately, some see only the problem and not the possibility.”


Bishop Doran called on the people of his Diocese to support the new initiative. “Some of you will have your own personal experience of crisis pregnancy which would be very valuable both in identifying the needs and in responding to them. Others can offer friendship or professional advice on a pro bono basis. Funding will obviously be required and I would welcome whatever you can give. Any donations received will be ring-fenced exclusively for the purpose. If you feel that you can help in any way, please contact me as soon as possible.”

Diocese of Elphin. December 28.

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