Christian doctor challenging order banning him from saving babies' lives to have case heard at high court


Dr. Dermot Kearney, a consultant cardiologist and past president of the Catholic Medical Association UK, is to have his case heard in the High Court in the U.K. following his recent prohibition from offering abortion pill reversal treatment (APR). The doctor, who works for Britain’s National Health Service, is asking the court to revoke the order by the medical regulator.

On May 2021 last, an Interim Orders Tribunal blocked Kearney from providing emergency abortion pill reversal treatment for up to 18 months after the abortion provider MSI Reproductive Choices U.K., (formerly called Marie Stopes International), filed a complaint to the General Medical Council. However, this month the Royal Courts of Justice will hear the case of Dr. Dermot Kearney. Abortion pill reversal involves administering the natural hormone progesterone to a pregnant woman who wants to urgently reverse the effects of the first abortion pill, mifepristone.

The abortion providering organisation, MSI Reproductive Choices U.K, denounced Dr. Kearney for prescribed a treatment that they claimed has “no evidence base”, while stating that he is imposing on the patients his anti-abortion beliefs.

According to the Daily Mail, the abortion provider, in it's testimony used a mother in her 40s who sought the help of Dr. Dermot Kearney following her attempt at aborting her child via the “pills by post” abortion. Sadly the progesterone failed to work and she suffered a miscarriage within 24 hours after taking the abortion pill.

The mother in question was later quoted in the Daily Mail as saying that she felt MSI had “twisted” her experience with Kearney to suit its complaint, and felt “pressured” to criticise him in the testimony.

With regard to MSI’s medical director Dr. Jonathan Lord she said, "I felt scared and pressured by him at the time. I was vulnerable and ill. I feel that Marie Stopes are to blame for what has happened to me and I do not wish to be used by them in some sort of complaint against Dr. Dermot".

According to The Christian Legal Centre the number of women seeking abortion pill reversal treatment has increased after the pandemic since the British government has allowed abortion via telemedicine. They stated, “At least 32 women who received APR treatment from Dr. Kearney have given birth to healthy babies. There has been a 55% success rate (live births following the administration of the medication) following the treatment which is more than double the survival rate of 20%-25% following expectant management alone (without Progesterone administration) as found in a previously published study.”

"Laura, who is in her 30s, had an agonising decision last year to take an abortion pill, which came through the post, when she was ten weeks pregnant. Charlie is only here, she says, because Dr Dermot Kearney provided her with an unlicensed antidote to the abortion pill – a decision that could see him struck off." - Daily Mail

Last Summer we were lucky enough to sit down with Dr. Kearney. You can watch the interview below.


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