Citizens' Assembly Endorses Extreme Pro-Abortion Position


The Citizens’ Assembly has concluded its consideration of the 8th Amendment by endorsing a range of extreme positions on abortion that, if enacted, would give Ireland one of the world’s most permissive abortion regimes.


The Assembly’s report will be presented to the Oireachtas before the end of June once it is finalised by Supreme Court Justice Mary Laffoy, who chaired the Assembly. This will then be considered by a special all-party committee being established for that purpose.


Despite a widespread expectation that the Assembly would recommend a referendum to repeal or dramatically change the effect of the 8th Amendment, most people were surprised by how extreme the final proposals were.


Almost two thirds (64%) of the Assembly voters were in favour of allowing abortion without any restriction as to reason. 48 per cent want to limit such abortion on demand to the first trimester. 44 per cent would allow it up to 22 weeks, while 8 per cent want abortion permitted for any reason at any time during pregnancy.


72 per cent of the Assembly votes were in favour of abortion for unspecified “socio-economic reasons”. In the case of a child with “a foetal abnormality that is likely to result in death before or shortly after birth”, 89 per cent approved of allowing abortion. If the abnormality is non-fatal but “significant” 80 per cent would allow abortion.

Family & Life. April 24. Citizens’ Assembly. April 23.

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