Citizens' Assembly Publishes Abortion Report


The Citizens’ Assembly has delivered its first report to the Oireachtas, with the recommendation that the 8th Amendment should be replaced with a provision that “explicitly authorises the Oireachtas to legislate to address termination of pregnancy, any rights of the unborn, and any rights of the pregnant woman”. The Assembly also recommended that “termination of pregnancy without restriction should be lawful.”


Miss Justice Mary Laffoy, who chairs the Assembly, urged the members of the Oireachtas “to view [the Assembly’s] recommendations with the respect and due consideration that they deserve.”


The extreme nature of the Assembly’s recommendations has been well-known for some time. The members voted on their recommendations back in April. It should be noted, however, that a constitutional provision along the lines recommended by the Assembly could enable the Oireactas to strip unborn babies of all their constitutional rights, even beyond the protection provided by Article 40.3.3 (the 8th Amendment).

Citizens’ Assembly. June 29. Family & Life. June 29.

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