Coveney Balks at Citizens' Assembly Abortion Proposals


Housing Minister Simon Coveney has said he would not support a referendum to permit abortion on demand. But he indicated that he would support a change that would allow abortion subject to some limitations.


The minister, who is a contender for the Fine Gael leadership, said he is “uncomfortable” with some of the recommendations made by the Citizens’ Assembly. The Assembly suggested that the Eighth Amendment should be amended to permit a liberal abortion regime that allowed for abortion without reason.


“I don’t support an approach that effectively facilitates abortion on demand in Ireland,” Mr Coveney said. “That is not something I would vote for or support, but I also recognise that the status quo also needs to change.” He said there were “very complex” issues involving women in crisis pregnancy and the State “needs to take a new and different approach”. But he added that his views “would not be consistent with some of the recommendations the Citizens’ Assembly made”.

Irish Independent. May 6.

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