DeSantis Signs Baby-Heartbeat Law


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a Heartbeat Protection Law, which outlaws aborting unborn babies whose heartbeats are detectable—which, despite pro-aborts’ lies, generally is at around six weeks of the babies’ lives. The law also provides $25 million in funding to help mums and families. It will take effect only if the state supreme court upholds a bill signed last year that protects babies 15 weeks and older.

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Unfortunately, the new law does not provide protection for babies who are conceived in rape or incest, or whose mums face danger to their lives or “substantial and irreversible physical impairment”. Nevertheless, the law has infuriated abortionists and their allies because it would save the lives of thousands of babies, partly by ending Florida’s status as an abortion haven for mums from other Southern states that already do protect babies from the abortion profiteers. 

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