Fine Gael elect Simon Harris to continue Varadkar's legacy


Simon Harris has become Ireland's 16th Taoiseach. Following 2 recent heavy referendum defeats and plummeting poll numbers Leo Varadkar stepped down as Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader. In the aftermath many back bench TDs in both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael had stated that the government needs to listen more to the people and bin the 'Hate speech' bill and its overly woke approach. 
pic: Irish Examiner
Despite this Fine Gael elected, without contest, SImon Harris, a man cut from the same cloth as Leo Varadkar, a man who cannot be seen as a change from the radical liberal woke element of the party that brought such unpopularity to the party in the first place. 
Having won the Fine Gael leadership contest he said he would listen to the people yet he quickly stated that the pro censorship 'hate speech bill' would not be binned and he is in favour of ploughing forward with the controversial bill. Maintaining the unpopular Helen McEntee as Justice Minister is evidence that it is business as usual as she has been the biggest cheerleader of the so-called, 'Hate speech' bill.
Many of his fellow Fine Gael TDs have called him empathetic and Harris himself said he aims to represent all people, “no matter your political persuasion I will work with you and for you and for the country that I know we all love. I will be a Taoiseach who will listen.” Conversely however he was a leading face in the repeal referendum where many thousands of babies have been condemned to death and many, depending on the trimester, are subjected to very violent and potentially painful deaths thanks to him and his counterparts. He rejected a pain relief bill and life saving 3 day waiting periods to reduce abortion numbers which have escalated. 
He was in government throughout the cervical smear check scandal and was health minister during the worst of the covid pandemic where care homes were not given necessary protection by his ministry, leading to the outbreak running rife in such places leading to so many elderly deaths.
He has also supported Gino's Kenny's flawled Euthanasia bill showing massive disregard for professionals who have criticised his bill. He also supported punishing pro life doctors and nurses who don't want to carry out abortions.
Fine Gael politicians have chosen to replace one leader with a leader following the same legacy. Voters however, won't forget the legacy of Simon Harris and the party who has put faith in him come election time. 
ols who resist it. 

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