Guernsey May Legalise Assisted Suicide


The Channel Island of Guernsey could legalise assisted suicide under proposals being put to a vote in May. If pushed through by politicians, it would likely trigger an 18-month consultation period to pull together a legal framework to make the changes.


Although Guernsey residents hold British passports, the island has its own legislative body and has the freedom to pass its own laws. The UK Government has powers to intervene if there are implications for the UK, and the matter will go before the Privy Council. It can also oversee legal changes on immigration and defence matters.


Gavin St Pier, the island’s top politician, told the Mirror he is backing the proposal for terminally-ill adults who are mentally competent and have been given six months or less to live.


Guernsey previously tried to legalise assisted suicide in 2002, but the plans were dismissed.


While it could open the door to the possibility of mainland nationals travelling to Guernsey, some believe that if passed the law should be limited to local residents only.

The Daily Telegraph. March 21.

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