Harris Considering Paying for British Abortions


Women whose babies are diagnosed with “fatal foetal abnormalities” could receive up to €5,000 to pay for costs associated with having an abortion abroad. Health Minister Simon Harris is examining the possibility of introducing the measure while the Government is in the process of enacting new abortion laws. Mr Harris asked health officials to examine the legality of such a payment ahead of a meeting with the Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR) campaign group.


Mr Harris offered no firm commitment to TFMR on financial support, but the payment scheme is being actively considered.


There have also been calls for a 1995 ban on doctors referring women seeking an abortion to be lifted and for terminations to be decriminalised in advance of the main change in the law.


The Government has warned that such measures could delay the overall legislation, but Mr Harris is to update on any proposals in two weeks' time.

Irish Independent. June 2.

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