Independent TD Carol Nolan Attacks Proposed Changes To Advance Irish Abortion Law



The pro-life deputy was speaking in response to Marie O'Shea, head of the 3-Year Abortion Review, who is reported to be recommending radical advancement of abortion. Despite an already liberal abortion regime in this country for the last 4 years with frighteningly high abortion rates near 29,000 since 2019, O'Shea is advocating an even less restrictive abortion regime. Some of the changes include the abolition of the three-day waiting and reflection period and full decriminalisation and an extension of the 12-week limit.

Laois Offaly TD Carol Nolan was quoted by Gript as saying, “If the reporting we are reading today is an accurate reflection of the reviews recommendations and if they are sanctioned by the Government, then it is, without doubt, the greatest betrayal of voters in recent years. More importantly, they will result in a significant loss of life and an increase in the number of women out there who will suffer from the kind of abortion regret that we know women experience.”

“I can only hope that the review's recommendations meet with principled and stiff resistance when they come before the Dáil for debate, and that the TDs who said they would go ‘this far and no further’ in 2018/19 remember the promises they made to the Irish people.”

“I know from PQs I have received from the HSE itself that over the last number of years, thousands of women have changed their mind after the initial abortion consultation. This is strong evidence of the value of the three-day reflection period in its current form.”  “The Review looks set to be a full-frontal assault on unborn human life that is simply catastrophic, given that Ireland has already seen the loss of almost 30,000 lives through abortion since the law was enacted.”  “This is a doubling down on death that is truly terrifying because it represents a dismissal of any commitment to legislative or medical caution.”

"I, for one, remain proudly pro-life, pro-woman and pro-mother and for those reasons I will be opposing them if they are presented to us"


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