Irish pro life Doctor wins International pro life award


Well known Irish pro life doctor Dermot Kearney has been awarded the Anton Neuwirth Prize for the Protection of Life award in Slovakia. He received the award ‘for providing medical care and for testifying to his courage in helping women avert pharmacological abortion.’


Dr Dermot Kearney is a Co. Meath doctor based in England and has recently been President of the Catholic Medical Association (UK).


Dr. Kearney was very vocal in favour of mothers and babies campaigning for a No vote in the Abortion referendum of 2018. He is no stranger to speaking engagements to the pro life community in Ireland and has done Trojan work in the UK also.


He had become well known for giving many women who regretted taking abortion pills abortion reversal pills to help them continue with their pregnancies, and frequently speaks out against telemedicine abortions in articles, on webinars and speaking engagements.


The ceremony for the Anton Neuwirth Prize for the Protection of Life took place at an event by the international conference Choose Life in Slovakia. The prize is named after Anton Neuwirth, a prominent Slovak doctor, diplomat and thinker who was a founding member of the Forum of Life and awarded each year by the Forum of Life to persons or organisations who have significantly contributed to the protection of human life.


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