Late-Term Abortionist LeRoy Carhart Dead at 81


LeRoy Carhart, who specialised in abortions of late-term babies, died April 28 at 81. He and his wife ran two abortion businesses, in Nebraska and Maryland, under the name Clinics for Abortion and Reproductive Excellence (CARE), and he took babies’ lives for 50 years.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, Fierce Defender of Abortion Rights, Dies at 81 - The New  York Times 

According to pro-life researchers, Carhart had a history of injuring his abortion clients, operating unsanitary facilities, gross unprofessional conduct and a laundry list of other unsafe practices. At least two women died in his abortions.

Carhart figured in two Supreme Court cases, as pro-life author Dave Andrusko notes: 

Veteran pro-lifers will recall that Carhart was at the heart of two abortion cases that reached the Supreme Court: Stenberg v Carhart, in which the Supreme Court overturned a Nebraska ban on partial-birth abortions, and Gonzales v Carhart, in which the Supreme Court upheld the federal ban on partial-birth abortions. 

Last December, Carhart’s grandson Lee opened an abortion business in Pueblo, Colorado, which, he said, would offer drug abortions at $700.00 each. He added that he hoped surgical abortions of babies up to 24 weeks old would take place there in the future. 

Shocking as it might be, some newspapers gave Carhart glowing obituaries. 

As is pro-lifers’ usual custom, they ask people to pray for LeRoy Carhart’s soul and for conversion for all abortionists and abortion staffers. 


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