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As I write this, just two hours before sending the Update to our printer, Joe Biden has 253 electoral votes while Donald Trump has 213, and the counting in six states continues. There is of now no certain winner. The partisan media and the Democrats predicted a national landslide for Biden. Surprise! It didn’t happen. Trump did much better than the polls said. The Republicans in the all-important Senate have kept their majority. They also gained seats in the House of Representatives. As of this writing, President Trump and his campaign team continue to believe they have a good chance of winning in the end.

Trump’s attorney, Rudi Giuliani, has accused the Democrats of “massive fraud” (“Keep counting the votes until we win”) and has launched legal challenges. Pro-lifers and other supporters of President Trump rightly wanted to know why local governments in many states finished counting their ballots by the evening of Election Day but those in Democrat-run states said it would take them days or even longer to finish the tally.

            President Trump was asking why, when he was doing well in the vote tallies late Tuesday night, several Democrat-run states all at once halted their tabulating. By Wednesday morning, state vote counts veered in Biden’s direction, thanks to huge influxes of absentee and mail-in ballots. Irregularities started to crop up; in Wisconsin, for example, the number of ballots received totaled more than the number of registered voters in that state, according to radio commentator Rush Limbaugh.

            Best news of all, pro-lifers did well. Some 13 pro-life women won seats in the House, and every Senator who championed Amy Barrett won re-election. Also, Louisianans passed a state amendment to block taxpayer funds for aborting babies and to declare abortion “not a right”. Also, exit polls said Catholics nationally voted for Trump, 62-37 percent, a big change from 2016. So pro-lifers saw many reasons to find hope in the election results and kept praying for Donald Trump to win.

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