Many Pro-Life Candidates elected in Recent Local Elections


A significant number of pro-life candidates were elected as city and county councillors in Ireland's recent local elections. Many incumbent councillors not only retained their seats but topped the polls, while numerous new faces also secured positions. Additionally, several candidates who narrowly missed out still achieved impressive results, positioning them well for future campaigns.

Aontú, Ireland's only pro-life party in Dáil Éireann, nearly tripled its number of seats, marking a substantial increase in representation. Pro-life candidates also saw success as Independents, with Independent Ireland, and within Fianna Fáil, securing seats across the country.

The election of many pro-life councillors, both seasoned incumbents and newcomers, is an encouraging development for pro-life supporters. It shows the importance of offering support to your closest councillors, whether they are geographically or politically close to you.

Many of these pro-life representatives are likely to be motivated to stand in the next general election, which is anticipated to occur soon. With the number of abortions escalating year on year to out of controil levels, with our government only focused on increasing these numbers further rather than curb these numbers, making the Right to Life for all people—both born and pre-born—an election issue is crucial. Supporting your nearest pro-life candidate is a pivotal step in this effort.

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