Medical Professionals Write Letter to Minister For Health To Keep 3-Day Reflection Period.


Earlier this week, Medical professionals across Ireland wrote a letter to the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly in an article in the Irish Times, imploring to him to retain the three-day reflection period before a woman undergoes an abortion.

The reflection period has faced criticism and calls for it to be scrapped by pro-abortion advocates since its inception in 2019.

Information has come to light and was released to TD, Carol Nolan, that a significant number of women changed their mind after their initial consultation. In 2020, 8,057 women attended the consultation for abortion, but in the same year 6,577 abortion were carried out. That leaves 1,400+ women (18.4%) that changed their minds during the three-day reflection period.

Again in 2019, some 7,536 women attended consultations and 6,666 abortions were carried out, where 870 women did not go through with the abortion.

Despite the three-day reflection period changing some women's minds, it was also assured during the 2018 referendum by the politicians who campaigned for abortion, that it would be retained in the law.

The doctors finish with, "We urge the Minister for Health and our TDs to now remember that promise and to retain the three-day period of reflection. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of voters, but worse still, a dereliction of duty to mothers and babies."

Source: The Irish Times

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