Miracle Baby Born at 26 Weeks Goes Home From Hospital


Szpital Miejski w Rudzie Śląskiej/Facebook

Baby Marta was born 14 weeks prematurely on September 15th 2022 in Poland. Measuring just 29 cm a weighting a mere 390 grams. She spent 4 months in the hospital, "fighting bravely" for her life.

At the start of January her parents got the great news that she was to be discharged from hospital, much to their delight and now weighing a healthy 2.5 kg.

The hospital wrote on Facebook of Marta's story "From the beginning of her life, she bravely fought against adversity"

“She has never required intubation or mechanical ventilation, which is unique among extremely premature babies and extremely low birth weight.”

The physician that tended to Marta said "I am very happy, knowing that from today [baby] Marta’s family will be complete"

“Many weeks of hard work are behind us; now it’s time for parents and siblings to enjoy [Marta]’s presence at home”.

Attending physician Marta Twardoch-Drozd (pictured left with baby Marta’s parents)
Szpital Miejski w Rudzie Śląskiej/Facebook

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