National Protect the 8th Summer Blitz


The Protect the 8th Summer Blitz took place in locations all over Ireland on 6th July.

Protect the 8th Summer Blitz 2017

If you have been at a recent Family & Life meeting in your area, you will likely have heard about this national activation day.


On that day people from around the country engaged in a pro-life action of their choice in their own locality and took pictures to post on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #Protectthe8th.


In some parts of the country, people gave out Protect the 8th leaflets at a nearby housing estate or bus station. Some groups of pro-lifers displayed Protect the 8th banners to create awareness and encourage debates. Others arranged a public stand or held events that draw the public to view a pro-life DVD or lecture.


Whatever your contribution, it is important to share photos of your pro-life activity and post it to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag, #Protectthe8th. Alternatively you can email your photo to and we can upload it for you.


This is a great opportunity to occupy the space on social media while also providing a pro-life witness at ground level in locations all around the country.

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