NHS Missed Three Opportunities to Save Baby's Life


A couple in England have received compensation from the National Health Service after three opportunities to save their unborn baby were missed by doctors. Paul York, 30, and his partner Kimberley Wilson, 27, from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, were left heartbroken when their daughter Ava died in the womb. Wilson was suffering from pre-eclampsia five days before Ava was stillborn but medics failed to recognise this.


She first raised concerns following a visit to her GP on June 14, 2016, when she was suffering from swollen legs and ankles. Her due date was July 13 and she was referred to Kettering Hospital’s maternity unit to check for the condition.


After several hours she was discharged home and told to attend twice-weekly community midwife appointments. But three days later, on June 17, she had symptoms of mild oedema, high blood pressure and protein was found in her urine, which are symptoms of pre-eclampsia. Despite this, no referral or admission to hospital was made by the midwife and she was told to take painkillers.


By June 19, Wilson was complaining of severe stomach pains, blurred vision and feeling sick but medics told her it was normal and to have a bath. The 27-year-old called Kettering General Hospital again but was told she would have to wait if she wanted to be seen as the delivery suite was very busy.


Following this, she called another hospital and attended its maternity ward. By this time, however, it was too late, and doctors could not save Ava. Following Ava’s death, a report published by the Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust found Ava’s death had been “avoidable”.


The NHS trust admitted Wilson’s symptoms displayed on June 17 were indicative of pre-eclampsia and warranted referral to hospital and admission. Had she been properly treated she would have had CTG monitoring and baby Ava would have been delivered by caesarean section. The failings were highlighted in a report that showed medics missed three chances to save Ava, and the hospital agreed to an undisclosed settlement.

iNews. October 19.

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