NO to DIY Abortion


As you may have read in our recent Update, we organised a petition to the Minister of Health, Stephen Donnelly, demanding an end to DIY abortions. The response was huge as many people signed in opposition to Government using the Covid 19 pandemic to promote unsafe at home self administered abortion pills. It was ironic that the health minister would put such priority on life ending measures as DIY abortion while simultaneously cutting back on crucial life saving treatments such as cancer screenings.


We pointed out to the Minister that the recent practice of permitting remote consultation for the purpose of procuring abortion in the early stages of pregnancy sets a dangerous precedent. Allowing this practice to continue places the lives of vulnerable women at risk, not to mention facilitating the killing of innocent pre-born babies. The idea that such a dangerous drug like mifepristone can be administered at home and alone further fuels the abortion industry’s goal to move abortion from the surgery to the home. 
Sadly Minister Donnelly wouldn't take the time to argue his case or address our concerns. Instead he asked one of his staff to tell us "The Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly T.D. has asked me to acknowledge receipt of your recent email regarding Abortions."

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