Noone Embarrasses Duchess with Abortion Tweet


Senator Catherine Noone, who chaired the Oireachtas committee that recommended repeal of the 8th Amendment, has embarrassed a visiting member of the British Royal family, by tweeting about a conversation she claimed to have with her about the recent abortion referendum. Protocol dictates that members of the Royal family do not express political views.


Senator Noone was attending a garden party in honour of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their two-day visit to Ireland.


The Fine Gael Senator claimed in a tweet that she and the Duchess discussed the referendum on abortion. “A pleasure to meet Prince Harry & the Duchess of Sussex at the British Ambassador’s Residence this evening,” she wrote. “The Duchess & I had a chat about the recent referendum result. She watched with interest & was pleased to see the result.” Senator Noone later admitted that the tweet was ill-judged and she deleted it. She clarified that “the Duchess was not in any way political.”

Irish Independent. July 11.

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