Pro-Abortion Marches on January 22 


A “Bigger Than Roe National Day of Action” co-ordinated slate of pro-abortion marches was to take place around the United States on Sunday, January 22, the 50th anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision. The pro-aborts’ stated purpose was to “mourn the loss” of Roe and to insist that “This is not over”, “We are not going gently”, and “We will never shut up.” 

The pro-aborts’ main march was set for Madison, Wisconsin. Of the several events in the New York City area, one in Manhattan was especially likely to cause trouble: a “Speak out and Counterprotest”. The pro-aborts first were to rally at the New York Police Department’s 17th Precinct station to complain that the NYPD’s Strategic Response unit keeps protecting pro-life Eucharistic processions from their harassment and has arrested some of the pro-aborts. 

The pro-aborts then were to march to St Patrick’s Cathedral and harass a Vigil for Life. Here were their demands: 

Free abortion on demand!... Fight for full reproductive [sic] justice [sic]! Speak out at the 17th police precinct, followed by a march to St Patrick’s Cathedral to counter-protest their Vigil for Life. The Catholic Church has stepped up its aggressive attacks at NYC women’s health clinics and towards abortion clinic defenders, all with the protection of Mayor Eric Adams’ Strategic Response police unit. We condemn the recent arrests of clinic defenders by this police unit and DEMAND the separation of Church and State. 

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