Pro-Abortion UN Committee Meddles Again


A United Nations Committee, notorious for its pro-abortion advocacy, has criticised Ireland for recognising the right to life of unborn children. The UN Human Rights Committee, which is supposed to monitor the implementation of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), regularly criticises countries with laws restricting abortion.


On this occasion, the Committee, which has frequently condemned Ireland in the past, was responding to a complaint from a woman who traveled to England to abort her baby after the baby was diagnosed with a serious illness. Siobhán Whelan had the abortion in 2010 and complained to the UN committee that she was unable to obtain the abortion in Ireland. The committee claimed that Ireland had violated the ICCPR (which makes no mention of abortion) and that its legal restrictions on abortion amount to “cruel” treatment of the complainant. It also expressed the view that her right to privacy had been breached.


The complaint about Ireland’s abortion laws was brought by the New York-based abortion advocacy group, the Centre for Reproductive Rights. The same group was behind a similar complaint which the committee considered last year.

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