Pro-Life MP's Promotion Enrages Abortion Lobby


Abortion campaigners have condemned British Prime Minister Theresa May for appointing a pro-life MP as the Conservative Party’s vice chair for women in her New Year cabinet reshuffle. Tory MP Maria Caulfield led efforts against totally decriminalising abortion in Parliament last year.


Shadow women and equalities minister Dawn Butler said her appointment was “appalling”, while other pro-abortion campaigners said it was “profoundly disappointing” that the Prime Minister would choose someone with such strong views against abortion.


Labour MP Diana Johnson introduced a bill in the House of Commons last year to remove all criminal sanctions on abortion in England and Wales, even for abortions that would not be permitted under the liberal 1967 Abortion Act. But Ms Caulfield, a former nurse, who is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro Life Group, said the move was an “unjust and regressive change”, which would put women and babies at risk.


The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), Britain’s largest abortion provider, also condemned the appointment.


Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party, said she was “staggered” by the appointment. “Women’s equality goes hand in hand with reproductive rights,” she claimed. “Someone who believes those rights should be restricted can never advocate effectively for us.”

The Independent. January 8.

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