Renua Officially Adopts Pro-Life Policy


Renua Ireland has announced it is now officially a pro-life political party, with members expected to take a pledge to support a pro-life position. The party, which was founded by TDs and Senators expelled from Fine Gael for holding to their pro-life convictions, had previously had a more ambiguous position which likely cost it support in the last election.


Renua chairman, Michael O’Dowd told The Irish Catholic that a pro-life stance has now become one of the party’s “core principals”.


“When the party was founded many people believed this was a central issue but it became confused in the initial days of the creation of the party,” he said. “Now we have clarified it and the national board have taken the decision that any member that is elected to any body would be asked to take a pledge to support the pro-life position.”


Mr O’Dowd also said the party, which has 300 members, was “not in favour of having a referendum” on the repeal of the Eighth Amendment and would campaign to retain the constitutional protection for “the human rights of the unborn as well as the life of the mother”.

The Irish Catholic. March 31. Family & Life. April 3.

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