Rotunda Hospital Disowns Repeal Launch


The Rotunda Hospital has distanced itself from the repeal the 8th campaign, which held its campaign launch in the maternity hospital’s Pillar Room. The hospital pointed out that the Pillar Room is managed by a foundation which is entirely separate from the hospital, and that the hospital “does not support any political organisation or agenda”.


The launch of Together for Yes, an umbrella group advocating a Yes vote in the upcoming abortion referendum took place this week.


A spokesman for the Rotunda Hospital said the room was managed by a foundation that was entirely separate from the hospital. “The Pillar Room is fully operated and managed by the Rotunda Foundation, ” he said. “The Rotunda Foundation is completely independent of the Rotunda Hospital with its own separate board and executive. The Rotunda Hospital has no influence or control over the operation of the Pillar Room. The Rotunda Hospital wishes to make it clear that it does not support any political organisation or agenda.”


The Rotunda Foundation, formerly known as the Friends of the Rotunda, is the official fundraising arm of the Rotunda Hospital. It’s a registered charity and is governed by an elected board.


A spokeswoman for the Rotunda Foundation said it takes no position on the issues being promoted by groups that seek to rent the room. “The Pillar Room is just a venue for people to hire,” she said. “We have nothing to do with the event itself.”

The Irish Times. March 22.

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