Soros Mischief Scrutinised


A meeting in Washington D.C. this week discussed the influence of US Billionaire George Soros in the promotion of progressive causes in countries including Ireland. Former Senator Jim Walsh, on behalf of Family & Life, participated in a panel of experts to discuss the issue. Senator Walsh recounted the billionaire’s efforts to have Ireland’s 8th Amendment repealed, particularly his plan to fund three pro-abortion groups in Ireland to campaign together for repeal of the amendment.


Senator Walsh discussed a strategy document from the Open Society Foundation which details “how Soros planned to fund Amnesty Ireland, the Abortion Rights Campaign and the Irish Family Planning Association (the Irish affiliate of Planned Parenthood) as part of a plan to force the repeal of the Eighth Amendment. The document explicitly identified this as a likely means of loosening legal restrictions on abortion in other Catholic countries in Europe.”


Senator Walsh also told the meeting of instances where the US Embassy in Dublin had given support to campaigning groups in Ireland, particularly those promoting the LGBT Agenda. “The known support from official US Government sources may be relatively modest,” he said, “but it contributes greatly to an impression, which the rhetoric of the Obama administration strongly underlined, that the US Government is actively and vigorously promoting “progressive causes” around the world and is prepared to interfere in what many people would regard as a matter exclusively for the people of the country concerned”


“The US Embassy in Ireland helped (financially) to set up the LGBT campaign group ShoutOut, part of BelongTo,  which played a prominent role in the 2015 marriage referendum campaign.

“Last year, the US Embassy co-sponsored the ‘Road to Marriage Equality’ Summer School  in Dublin through its Public Diplomacy Grants Programme. This included a session on ‘Winning Marriage Equality Globally’ which was addressed by a State Department official from the embassy.

“The US Embassy in Dublin, in collaboration with the US Consulate in Belfast, also sponsored an exchange programme for 2017 entitled ‘Advocating for Human and Civil Rights for the LGBT Community.’  It should be noted that the law in Northern Ireland recognises marriage as a union of one man and one woman and there is currently a campaign underway to have that redefined.”


Other speakers at the event included US Senator Mike Lee, Alfonso Aquilar, Executive Director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, and James Roberts, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Family & Life. April 26. The Heritage Foundation. April 25.

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