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We've just received a new batch of detailed leaflets explaining why it's crucial to oppose the Hate Speech legislation in Ireland.

Order a batch for your friends, neighbors, and family from our office. We’ll deliver them to you for free as part of Family & Life's campaign against this draconian legislation.

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The proposed  'Hate Speech' bill that was supported in Dail Eireann by every party except Aontu and a number of independents is an extremely totalitarian bill designed to take away the freedoms of speech, conscience and religion from the vast majority of the public.

Despite losing two recent referenda the Taoiseach, Simon Harris, and Justice Minister Helen McEntee, have recently said that they believe the Government must continue to pursue this pro censorship bill that would give politicians the power to determine what hate is and isn't. 

The Hate Speech Bill gives special attention to what it calls ‘protected characteristics’, which include sexual orientation and gender.  In countries where similar laws have been introduced, they have been used to discourage people from speaking their mind.

It purports to combat ‘hate speech’, but in reality, it will be wielded as a tool of censorship, stifling dissenting voices and curtailing meaningful dialogue. The vague language surrounding "protected characteristics" and the absence of a definition of terms like ‘gender’ and ‘hate’ opens the door to abuse, with individuals being targeted for expressing legitimate viewpoints or religious beliefs.

What's particularly alarming is the presumption of guilt inherent in the bill. Merely possessing material deemed offensive by someone else could land you in legal jeopardy, subjecting you to invasive searches and court proceedings.

Join us in protecting free speech. Order Your Leaflets Now and Make Your Voice Heard!

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