Triplets born "smaller than a bag of sugar" break 2 Guinness World Records


A set of triplets in the UK were born 18 weeks premature. The children, Rubi-Rose, Payton-Jane and Porscha-Mae Hopkins who are now two years old now hold two Guinness World Records. 

First of all the triplets broke the record of being the lightest triplets ever born at a combined weight of 1.28kg, Payton-Jane is the lightest of the three at just 402g.

The children also broke the record of being born at the gestational age of only 22 weeks yet surviving past the toddler stage. 

The parents, Michaela and Jason, found out they were expecting as many as 3 children at 19 weeks gestation. Little did they know then that they would be born just 3 weeks later. 

Jason told ITV News: “For three children that have gone through so much, they’re the happiest kids around.

“Very rewarding things happen every day. When you’ve been told they’re not going to walk, or they’re not going to talk, or not going to roll, things like that make all the difference."

“They were smaller than a bag of sugar, they were tiny.” 

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