UK Court Rules In Favour Of Bill Banning Pro Life Outreach In Northern Ireland Abortion Centres



The bill, aimed at preventing Pro lifers from having an outreach at places in Northern Ireland where abortions are carried out, was supported by the majority of Stormont parties in October 2021 including Sinn Féin and SDLP.


The vote took place in March of this year, where it passed with the support of most Northern Assembly parties, excluding the DUP and TUV.


However, the so-called Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones) Bill was delayed from coming into effect as the Attorney General flagged the bill as it may be deemed unlawful. Subsequently, the Attorney General of Northern Ireland was granted permission to challenge the exclusion zone law through a judicial review.


However, the UK Supreme Court, on Wednesday, ruled in favour of criminalising against pro-life people praying or protesting outside places that perform abortions as this radical bill does not “disproportionately interfere” with protestors rights, it deemed.


It is reported that any person involved in a pro-life outreach within 150 metres of an abortion centre can be criminalised on conviction with fines of up to £2500.

It is saddening to see that while some of the most barbaric abortion practices have been legalised in Northern Ireland in recent years, there are still moves by abortion obsessed parties and activists to extend abortion to even more extreme levels and remove any shred of human rights from the innocent unborn child.


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