UK Government votes to expand abortion further in the Northern Ireland and bypass Stormont


On Thursday the British House of Lords gave their consent to impose more expansions to abortion practice in Northern Ireland without the public's consent. This move comes on the back of The House of Commons voting 431 to 89 in favour of the ABORTION (NORTHERN IRELAND) REGULATIONS 2021.

Not only is this move showing disrespect to the people of Northern Ireland for forcing this move on them and without their consent but it comes little over a year after the Westminster government had forced abortion on Northern Ireland with the assistance of Sinn Féin, SDLP and the Alliance Party.

Since that short time well over 1,000 abortions have taken place in the North of Ireland and now Westminster appear to want even more.

This move will now mean that the First MInister, deputy First Minister along with any Northern minister, department or health board can be directed by the Northern Ireland Secretary in Westminster to expand abortion in the 6 counties regardless whether they or the public have a differing view. 

Despite amendments tabled by Lord Shinkwin, Baroness Nolan and Lord Morrow on grounds such as Northern Ireland having a differing view on abortion to Great Britain, the fact there was no consultation, along with the point that Stormont is fully operational again, the new powers were forced through.

You can view Lord Shinkwin here where he states “I am a severely disabled parliamentarian who believes I have as much right to live as anyone". He continued that "the regulations challenge that right.”

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