Uruguay Court Recognises Father's Right to Prevent Abortion


In an unprecedented move, a court in Uruguay has allowed a father to protect his unborn child’s life by prohibiting the mother from having an abortion.


The man’s ex-girlfriend is 8 weeks pregnant and wants an abortion; he recently petitioned a court to protect their child’s life by stopping the woman from getting an abortion, AFP reports. Abortions are legal up until 12 weeks in Uruguay.


Federico Arregui, the man’s lawyer, told reporters this week that the man would like to raise the child “independently of whether the mother was willing to fulfill her role.”


The court ruled in the man’s favour; it also said the woman did not fulfill a reporting requirement to her doctors in order to have the abortion, according to the report.


News outlets say the decision is unprecedented, and the woman plans to appeal.

LifeNews. February 24.

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