Ignoring Public Consultation, Welsh Government to Pay for N.I. Abortions


The Welsh government has announced that it will offer free abortions to women from Northern Ireland through the National Health Service. Free abortions have been available to women from Northern Ireland in England and Scotland since last year. Welsh Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said he did not expect a large number of women to avail of the service.


“Our view has always been a woman from Northern Ireland, in Wales, should be able to access termination of pregnancy on the same basis as women in Wales,” he said.


Prior to making the decision, the Welsh government ran a public consultation on the proposal. Of the 802 responses received, 788, over 98 per cent, were opposed to it. A “significant proportion” of these came from people in Northern Ireland. Of the 14 responses in favour of the plan, none came from women in Northern Ireland.

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