Woman's Death at NMH Prompts Call for Inquiry


The husband of a young woman who died at the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, last year has called for an independent investigation into her death.


Malak Thawley was 34 years old and seven weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. During what should have been a simple keyhole surgery procedure, a major blood vessel was accidentally pierced, and she died of a haemorrhage on 8 May 2016. Last month Dublin District Coroner’s Court returned a verdict of medical misadventure.


Her husband Alan said he did not feel there had been accountability for her death and that outside experts were needed to look at the case.


A number of issues emerged during the inquest, such as that Mrs Thawley’s abdomen should have been opened straight away to stop the bleeding and a blood transfusion carried out but this took 15 minutes. It also emerged that the hospital did not know Mrs Thawley’s blood type.


A medical instrument had to be brought with a garda escort from another hospital and ice had to be sourced from a local pub for brain cooling.


The hospital conducted an internal investigation into the case and says the resulting recommendations have been implemented. It also admitted liability in the case.


Minister for Health Simon Harris has said that he will “reflect very seriously” on Mr Thawley’s request for an independent investigation. But he suggested that the inquest and the hospital’s internal investigation had already established what went wrong. He added that while he understands Mr Thawley’s desire for answers, his priority is making sure that it does not happen again.

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