A Brief Update of Our Social Media Work


It has been a busy couple of months on social media, especially with what is happening in the USA, namely the expected overturning of Roe v. Wade. This 1973 judgement, which has cost over 60 million lives, is the jewel in the abortion industry’s crown. Its repeal will not only save lives but also will give pro-lifers around the world confidence that evil of abortion laws can be repealed. For pro-lifers in Ireland, it will be proof that we can bring Ireland back to a culture of life, the purpose of our social media since 2018. Our pro-life message reaches tens of thousands of people on a weekly basis across our platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Websites, Podcasts and Instagram. Each day we post news items, comment on the latest developments and promote various campaigns, videos and interviews. Our Protect Life Page has 40,000 followers in Ireland, and our Family & Life Page has a global following of over 130,000 people.

In the past 28 days, our pro-life message reached 185,000 people by means of these two Facebook pages alone, which is phenomenal. It’s encouraging to see viewers’ responses about those politicians and parties that had voted or supported abortion; here are some replies:
Donna wrote, “I have no intention of voting for people who think it’s OK to kill innocent babies, disgusting”. Another comment from Margaret, “Shocking anyone supporting such a policy, life begins at conception until natural death.” These were followed by a number of people saying they will never vote for such parties or MLAs again. We also get other encouraging comments on the graphics or videos, like a woman who left this comment, “OMG! Because of this post, my daughter is no longer pro-abortion. Thank you, God”. Another example was from a teenager who sent a message of thanks for the posted content, which helped her decide against an abortion despite being in a difficult situation and against medical advice because her child would not live long. We have a global reach with our pro-life message. Millions of people around the world can view our content, which will save lives and change peoples’ minds on abortion when they hear the testimonies of survivors, the science from doctors and even the experience of former abortionists like Dr Levatino. Politicians will occasionally comment on or share content. Recently George P Bush, a prominent Texan politician and a nephew and grandson of two US Presidents, made a few supporting comments, including “Couldn’t agree more. It’s time we stop ignoring science and recognize life.”

Petitions to Minister for Health

For the past few months, we have been collecting names for a petition to the Minister for Health regarding abortion, to show him just how many people oppose the easing of the abortion law. We are well aware of the abuses of the abortion law such as late-term abortions in Ireland, how doctors who performed them described their horrific experience, and the DIY abortion. This last item was a measure, introduced at the start of the pandemic, to allow abortion at home with no direct medical interview. We know in the UK that this measure has led to abuses of the abortion pill being taken much later in pregnancies. Apart from killing babies, its adverse effects on women have resulted in hospitalisations. We know through Dáil questioning by Deputy Carol Nolan that there were at least 94 incidents of adverse effects from DIY abortions in Ireland.

Breaking the Consensus programme

If you have been following us up to now, you’ll know that we conduct monthly interviews with experts on important topics of interest. These interviews are broadcast live and then available to view on demand from our media platforms. We have a large collection of online live interviews, made during the pandemic. We talked with Doctors, Lawyers, Activists, Psychiatrists and abortion survivors on life and faith-related issues. Recently we had a brilliant interview with an outspoken pro-life advocate, Fr Paddy McCafferty on “Can you be Catholic and vote for or be a part of a pro-abortion party?”, which can be found here https://youtu.be/u6i3pKWbT7Y to just do a search in YouTube using the talk’s title. Each guest has his or her own expertise and advice. These interviews can be watched in the comfort of your own home and we know that they have a powerful influence on changing people minds. The work of rebuilding a Culture of Life in Ireland involves many small steps and without your support and generosity we simply wouldn’t exist.

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