A Christmas Mission to Christians in Northern Iraq


Our two volunteers who managed our mission to Iraq sent me this short note about their visit last year. It outlines how your very generous support of Family & Life has made a dramatic difference to many families displaced by the wars in Iraq over the past 25 years. 

Just before Christmas, our volunteers returned from Northern Iraq where, thanks to you, they delivered much needed food supplies to Christian families. Many of these families live in three small camps within the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. 

In addition to buying food and distributing food hampers to the families in the camps, the team, with their long-time local contacts, delivered supplies to families in Ankawa, a Christian area situated just outside Erbil. Thankfully, many of these families have been housed in recent years, but the day-to-day struggle to feed, clothe and educate their young children is a constant source of anxiety. The volunteers spent two days visiting these families, delivering supplies and also listening to their many hardships. One Christian family arrived in Iraq from Syria and described the hardships Christian minorities have suffered during the current civil war in Syria. 

Our volunteers also visited the villages helped by Family & Life supporters over the years, and did an assessment of how best to help our Christian friends there in the coming year. Please know that your generosity has made Christmas special for many families in Northern Iraq. 

You can view a short video and some snapshots of some of the children you helped this Christmas. Note that the children were in their best clothes that day.


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