As one of Ireland’s oldest national pro-life organisations, Family & Life is on the front line in the fight to defend unborn babies and their mothers.

One of our most vital programmes, our Baby Ben Fund (named after the late Pope Benedict XVI) has one single task: Aiding pregnant women in serious need of financial help who are contemplating abortion as a solution to their difficulty.

Let me tell you the stories of three babies and mothers we need to help now (I’ve changed their names for privacy).


  • Sarah was pressured to have an abortion or face being evicted from her house by her parents. Thankfully, she refused and said "No" to abortion. Now with no family to support her and being left homeless, Family and Life's Baby Ben Fund arranged for her to stay with Family and Life supporters, but we need to find long term accommodation for her and her baby until she can live independently.


  • Angela was also in a similar situation.  Only after seeing her little baby on an ultrasound had she the courage to turn back.


  • Ester is in her early 40s and married with 3 children and pregnant with her 4th. She is a stay at home mother. She and her husband are struggling to keep their heads above water financially, so she was seriously considering abortion. Ester reached out to us before Christmas and we have promised the assistance she requires.


Since abortion was legalised in Ireland, the number of babies killed has skyrocketed.  I know that we can’t save all babies, however, with your help we can save some.  Know that your help today, makes it possible to offer hope to a woman who feels as if there is no hope, and offers life, to a baby that would otherwise end up as another statistic in the annual tally of babies killed.

Please support these women and those that will contact us throughout the year by making a special gift to Family & Life today.

These mothers and their babies need your help?


David Manly.