Baby Rosa and Others Saved from Abortion. (St Patrick's Fund)


This was baby Rosa. Her life was saved from abortion, Thanks to the aid of Family & Life supporters – through our St. Patrick’s Fund.

Baby Rosa and mother saved from back-alley abortionists

Here is that wonderful story....

Baby Rosa’s mother, Angela (19) lives in a small, very poor Peruvian village. COVID-19 has devastated her village. Angela truly wanted to give life to her baby but knew her parents would demand that she go to one of the abortion “clinics” in the city. (Abortion is illegal in Peru, but that city has dozens of back-alley “clinics”). Angela contacted the pregnancy centre. They gave help to Angela during her pregnancy and after the baby’s birth – and that help was largely due to the generosity of Family and Life supporters.

Rosa is just one of the babies that have been saved from the aid of the St. Patrick's fund and Family and Life supporters.

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