Breaking the Consensus


Breaking the Consensus is our monthly public outreach. Each month and on occasion more often, we host important discussions with experts on life and family, and bring these discussions to people throughout Ireland and abroad.
The abortion lobby would like to believe that the Irish people now accept abortion as a normal “medical treatment”, as it seems to have happened in other western countries. This is not true in Ireland. Pro-lifers may be a minority at present but some outstanding pro-life witnesses, in Ireland and other countries, are willing to put their reputation and career on the line for this cause.
In 2021 we had a number of influential figures and prominent pro-life activists including Dr Anthony Levatino, also featured was Ann Kioko, who is leading the charge for life in Africa. We had Dr Dermot Kearney who put his job on the line for advocating the life-saving abortion reversal pill, Rebecca Kiessling who was conceived in difficult circumstances joined us in one of our most memorable webinars and as did consultant psychiatrist, Professor Patricia Casey. Other guests include journalist, David Quinn, exorcist priest, Fr Sean O'Mannion, Maria Jones of Regina Coeli Hybrid Schooling, Samuel Baker of Catholic Man UK and Ireland, and many more.
Breaking the Consensus is proof that many Irish people still regard abortion as the evil of our time, and believe that it, like slavery in the 19th century, will be abolished one day. Dozens of these interviews are available in their original format on our YouTube Channel and Facebook.

Interview with former abortionist turned Pro-Life activist, Dr. Anthony Levatino


Interview with Maria Jones of Regina Caeli Hybrid Schooling on this new way of offering Christian schooling


Interview w/ African Pro Life leader - Ann Kioko who talks on the European and USA intervention on pusing abortion in many African countries


Interview with David Quinn on Euthanasia


Samuel Baker of Catholic Man UK and Ireland and director of Operations of Our Lady's Shrine in Walsingham.


Dr Dermot Kearney, former President of the Catholic Medical Association UK talks about the life saving abortion reversal pill


Interview with Pro-Life Activist and Attorney Rebecca Kiessling


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