Educate For Life Programme


No pro-life witness is complete without focusing on the young, the citizens of the future. We are continuing the well-established Educate for Life programme in secondary schools across Ireland. For many young students, our presentation is the first time they have been given the whole picture of life in the womb. The young students don’t need help to connect the dots and grasp the evil of abortion.
The updated and improved video shows the physical facts of life from conception to birth, based on the science of human development. This video can be presented online via Zoom, so, if you know of any secondary school teachers who would be willing to have our presentation presented in this way to a class, please ask them to get in contact directly with Carol, our schools co-ordinator, at <>


The presentation teaches nothing but 100% factual, stage by stage of human deveolpment followed by a Q&A with the students for any questions they might have. Below is an excerpt from the presentation, weeks 1-6. Showing the miracle of life.


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