Euthanasia Bill


In July, the so-called Dying with Dignity Bill came to a halt as strong opposition emerged, thanks to you and many other people. 
Drawing upon the expertise of people such as Professor Patricia Casey, Consultant Psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry, and Dr Michal Pruski, a Bioethics and Medical Scientist, we held online public information events, explaining why euthanasia is totally unacceptable. 

That euthanasia bill is dead, but the issue will return in another form. The Joint Committee on Justice has recommended that an Oireachtas Special Committee be established to undertake an examination of the topic of assisted dying, but we’ll be ready to fight the issue when it reappears in the future.
In summary, these are some of the projects we focused on in 2021; other projects like our annual political outreach to the US, our work at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, and our Leadership Institute will receive attention in 2022. Of course, these works and our day to-day activities conducted from our office, including the work to produce this Personal Update, now is its 26th year, could not happen without the generous and regular support of friends like you.
Please continue to support our work in 2022, maybe by taking out a standing order, or introducing a friend or family member to the organisation. You can do this by emailing us the details (, and we will send a complimentary copy of the Personal Update to your friend or family member. 

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