Iraqi Christian Project


The forgotten Christians of Iraq are another recipient of your generosity. Driven out by ISIS in 2014, they returned to find their homes, churches, schools and medical clinics vandalized, looted and in ruins. We have adopted two villages in the Nineveh Plains, and your gifts, among other things, have helped make the school bus secure, and provide their medical clinic with basic resources. The Christians in Iraq are descended from the people who welcomed the first Christian evangelists after Pentecost, and are determined to stay in their ancient homeland, despite the threats of ongoing terrorism and government discrimination. They are deeply grateful to you for your generosity and support, especially at a time when the world appears to have forgotten their plight.

Christian School Children targeted

As we previously reported, children around the villages of Nalu and Smil were unable to attend school because the government refused to fund a secure school bus with a guard to protect the kids from kidnappings and attacks by terrorists.

This is a nice photo of the school bus Family & Life funds each year for Christian children in the north of Iraq. The ability to get to and from school in a safe and secure way is something we shouldn’t take for granted, especially in parts of the world where Christian children are targeted by terrorists.

Emergency Aid

The displaced Christian people of Nineveh Plains in Northern Iraq have returned home to raise their children and rebuild their villages since the defeat of ISIS and have sent out an emergency request for medical supplies. Suffering severe shortages of basic supplies and since their plight is no longer headline news, Christian farmers in the north of Iraq continue to struggle to farm their lands. In some cases their crops are destroyed and their machinery blown up in a concerted effort to push them from the land their families have farmed for generations. The local hospital was struggling and lacked the basic necessities such as umbilical clamps, sterile gloves, diabetes test strips and syringes to administer medicines intravenously.

Despite the end of open hostilities, the people in these areas still suffer massive discrimination, but they are determined to rebuild their homes. Shops and Churches have been rebuilt and reopened, schools and local business are doing their best. They have few friends to turn to for help  Family and Life supporters once again answered the call.